Terrestrial Wildlife Habitat Inventory of Rochat Study Area, BLM, Northern Idaho

Keay, J. A. and E. O. Garton. 1978. Terrestrial wildlife habitat inventory of Rochat study area, BLM, Northern Idaho. Forest, Wildlife and Range Exp. Sta., Univ. Idaho, Moscow. 239pp.

ABSTRACT: A terrestrial wildlife habitat inventory was conducted on BLM lands northeast of St. Maries, Idaho. A total of 1164 stands (18000 ha) were inventoried. Each vegetation type was identified by habitat type and stand structure and descriptions presented. Grand fir/pachistima, Douglas-fir/ninebark, and mountain hemlock/beargrass were the predominant habitat types and occurred in 396, 286, and 171 stands, respectively. Mature timber and medium and tall shrubfield were the predominant structures and occurred in 655 and 232 stands, respectively. Elk and deer use was felt to be high and moderate in 52 and 189 stands for elk and 67 and 381 stands for deer, respectively. Potential big game winter range was identified on 370 stands totaling 5050 ha. Potential spring green-up areas for big game were identified on 58 stands totaling 808 ha.