Nature Writing

August 21, 2008, Gainesville, Florida

The center of Tropical Storm Fay had just passed over us. The torrential downpour stopped briefly and our dog, Willow, stood by the front door looking at us, ready for her evening walk. I changed my clothes, donned my rain jacket and hat, grabbed a flashlight and we ventured out into the dark night. The low clouds threatened. The warm humid air felt especially stifling, and with the stillness, created an eerie atmosphere. Water pooled in every cavity flooding low stretches of sidewalks and tiny hollows in lawns. Water dripped from every branch and twig. Little gusts of wind showered water droplets on us as we walked under soggy trees. A frog chorus, punctuated by percussions of wind and rain, filled the air and emanated from every puddle and pool. Frogs spaced themselves evenly across the pools, legs outstretched, heads raised to belch their special love song. Other frogs hidden in the grassy shorelines croaked in harmony. The frogs were happy tonight. While humans secret themselves inside sturdy walls, cowering from the nasty storm, the frogs embrace the end of drought and sing praises of joy for water, wind, and weather that bring the perpetuation of life and the promise of a bright tomorrow.