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Nurtured by Nature: The Education of a Biologist

Coming Soon(er or Later)! Looking for a publisher

I’ve been a passionate outdoors-person my entire life. Although my college classes helped to deepen my love and appreciation for nature, it was Nature herself, that taught the real lessons. I expected to learn about plants and animals, but what I didn’t expect, was the lessons I learned about myself, my relationships with others, and society. This book strives to capture some of those lessons, in a way that I hope helps others see the beauty and bounty of nature. Nearly complete, at over 60,000 words, it’s time to find a publisher. Click the link below and read the Preface, and then use the Contact page to send me your thoughts and impressions. I would love to hear from you.

Photo by Jeff Keay

Bears in the Neighborhood

Bears in the Neighborhood is a three part series I wrote specifically to inform residents and government officials about the challenges of living with bears in Island Park, Idaho. However, it has significant implications for every community, and every person, who lives or recreates in bear country. This story was first published in the Island Park News on June 8, 15, and 22, of 2023.

Photo by Jeff Keay

Masters of Deception

I discovered fascinating insights into the secretive habits of our nation’s largest shorebird. I had volunteered to help The Nature Conservancy with a Long-billed Curlew monitoring effort, and one frigid morning I broke the code on their uncanny ability to completely disappear in a short-grass meadow. The story was subsequently published in the Island Park News, and in the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s Naturalist News. You can read the full story here.

Wildlife Confessional

I’m a contributor to this anthology written by talented and successful wildlife biologists about their ‘interesting’ experiences. My story, entitled “Smarter Than the Average Bear: Protecting Bears and People in Wilderness Parks” chronicles my experience returning to Yosemite to evaluate the effectiveness of bear-proof food containers. What I learned will surprise you.

Historical Outline for the Doctrine and Covenants

This project started simply as a way for me to mentally organize historical events related to important spiritual experiences and records of early members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As it progressed I found it to be a valuable reference tool during subsequent study sessions. Finally a friend helped me put it in digital form that conveniently resides on a phone or tablet, readily available to quickly answer a question about the timing of important events. Many more thorough histories have since been generated, but I still find myself frequently referring back to this quick-reference outline to keep things in chronological context.

Photo Courtesy The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Holy Ghost Confirmed My Calling

This magazine article explores the tender relationship between selfishness and service and the resulting consequences of our choices. My time serving young men proved a great blessing in my life. This story was published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in their monthly magazine, the Ensign, Volume 44, Number 9, p11. September 2014.

A Field Journal System for Natural History Observations

I wrote this handbook to help myself, my employees, and others to improve access to their hand-written field journals, back when computers were finally becoming ubiquitous and useful. I used it as a guide as I wrote over a thousand pages of field notes during my professional career. There’s some important philosophical thoughts about the role of field journals here that are worth the read.