I Write About Nature

I’m a scientist, a wildlife biologist, with 20 years of field experience and 15 years of leadership and supervisory experience in the natural sciences. I write to inform and engage readers in the wonders of the natural world and all it has to offer. Most recently, I’m enthralled with understanding and sharing the things nature has to teach us, about ourselves, our relationships, and society. Pick up a pair of binoculars and join me as we investigate and fall deeply in love with the natural world.

Photo by Monte Stiles

Bears in the Neighborhood

Photo by Jeff Keay

Bears in the Neighborhood is a three part series I wrote specifically to inform residents and government officials about the challenges of living with bears in Island Park, Idaho. However, it has significant implications for every community, and every person, who lives or recreates in bear country. This story was first published in the Island Park News on June 8, 15, and 22, of 2023.